Measuring What You Mean: Validity and Insights

In an earlier piece, I noted that an insight, to be worthy of the name, needs to have three facets. It must be measurable, shareable, and actionable. Let’s dig into the first of these.    Imagine you’re the captain of a ship, navigating through the vast ocean using a compass and a map. Getting your […]

Seek Enrich – Answering the “Why”

Great products solve clear pain points. At Seek, we embarked on our Insight Cloud journey to address a pressing need in the analytics world: a shortage of solutions that could be deployed swiftly, delivering immediate value.  Since the launch of Insight Cloud, we’ve helped numerous customers transition from pondering the ‘art of the possible’ to […]

Leveraging alternative data in Retail/CPG

Part of the joy of Seek is the combination of people from a variety of backgrounds in the data and analytics space. We work hard on combining vertical deep individuals with horizontally wide, those with deep knowledge of different verticals to compare/contract, to those from different career paths. It has given us a different way […]

Why we are not (yet) doing generative AI

At Seek, we aim to solve clear pain points around business challenges at scale via analytical applications. As an example, we know the pain points across replenishment and have built suites of Insights to directly help them solve the pain points they have, each and every day, in as few as 5 clicks.     Going […]

From “Art of the Possible” to the “Art of the Now”

One of the wonderful things about conferences, for me, is the ability to listen and hear about what people are building, how they are selling, and what their value proposition is. It is funny how there tends to be trends or recurring underlying messages at these events without it being the main headline of the […]

Dog Fooding Insight Building

If “Providing the missing definition in pursuit of real insight” is going to define what an insight is, and “Why Seek’s product discovery led to genuine insights that turn a CPG’s data into action” answers why insights solve the consumer’s problem, let’s discuss what we are doing for those building Insights, the subject matter expert (SME).   […]

Crisp Partners with Seek and Snowflake to Empower CPG Brands to Address Business Challenges

New collaboration between Crisp, Seek, and Snowflake provides brands with increased insights to address out-of-stocks and inventory forecasting NEW YORK – May 16, 2023 — Crisp, the open-data retail platform for the consumer goods industry, announced today a new partnership with Seek, the leading data analytics platform for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, and Snowflake, […]

Three key ingredients for an authentic partnership

We have all heard the common phrase, “two heads are better than one”, but what exactly does that mean? I asked our friend Google for a definition of the idiom and the one provided by Merriam-Webster Dictionary says: “it is used to say that it is easier for two people who help each other to […]

What restaurants can teach us about the next generation of analytics

It’s Friday night…you made a reservation weeks ago with your friends at your favorite restaurant. You’ve been waiting all week to sit down at the corner table and enjoy the bustling atmosphere of people walking through the evening, sunlit streets to their Friday night escapes – concerts, parties, etc. It’s time to take your mind […]