Seek's Essential Insights for Challenger Brands

Seek recently partnered with Crisp to develop three new turnkey applications, hosted on Seek’s Insight Cloud, to provide your team with detailed and powerful selling stories that resonate with your retail buyers.

Historical Out of Stock Monitoring

Proactively empower replenishment teams with granular insights to immediately uncover key drivers for out of stocks, ensure stocked shelves to reduce fines and increase velocities, and prevent missed revenue.

Predictive Inventory

Predict and solve out of stocks before they occur at every point of distribution by transforming billions of rows of data into proactive, clear, and actionable replenishment insights, enabling immediate recapture of missed revenue dollars for long-term value to retail partners and brands.

Distribution Expander

Utilize point of sale data to identify new store and DC locations for product expansion, showcase data-driven dollar opportunities to your retail partners, and optimize your store expansion strategy to acquire new customers and introduce products to new stores.

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