Announcing Seek Enrich: Revolutionizing Insight Development in the CPG Industry


Nashville TN, September 19, 2023 — Seek, the insights platform pioneering the next frontier of analytics, announced today the launch of its newest capability subscription built to accelerate the journey to insights at scale, Seek Enrich. This breakthrough product empowers business teams to drive insights through turnkey analytics applications built on industry-leading data in minutes.

“When I was a vendor, we were in a perpetual hunt for ways to find an edge against our competition — enriched data-driven insights were costly and near impossible to build out back then.” Sean Cline, CPG Industry Expert, Seek.

After the successful launch of the Seek Insight Cloud platform brought industry-driven applications to customers at scale in February, Seek is ready to solve a new set of customer challenges:

  • Finding and acquiring the right data sources can be extremely difficult, time-consuming, and expensive
  • Once acquired, the complexity of joining together multiple data sources in a scalable way (not ad hoc requests) is a mountain most organizations are unequipped to climb
  • Answering the ‘why’ through deploying analyses, or applications, quickly and effectively on top of multiple data sources feels unrealistic – most organizations take weeks and/or months to deliver… and do so in a highly manual, unrepeatable manner

Seek Enrich will revolutionize the way that organizations across verticals find, acquire, blend, and drive value from data at scale.  Seek Enrich accelerates the journey to insights at scale through blending a comprehensive suite of industry-leading data sources into a single ‘intelligence layer’ and delivering it on a single platform, Seek Insight Cloud; providing a robust underlying data foundation that most teams have been craving for years.  By commercializing industry-driven applications on top of external data such as weather, demographics, cultural AI propensities/affinities, events, physical location traffic, and more, Seek is continuing to accelerate the journey to answering the most critical question in business….
the ‘why.’


“By launching a single product, Seek Enrich, delivered seamlessly through a single platform, Seek Insight Cloud, we are empowering business analysts to derive more robust & holistic insights through leveraging the industry’s best external data sources… joined together automatically by Seek… deployed on top of our customers’ data in minutes.”
Erik MitchellFounder and CEO, Seek.

Since the launch of Seek’s Insight Cloud, Seek has developed strong strategic partnerships with industry-changing data providers, directly contributing to the platform customer’s successes. Seek Enrich takes those partnerships one step further- giving instant access to data sets, that have been often unleveraged due to price and complexity of integration, to CPG brands. 


 “The launch of Seek Enrich marks a significant leap in the retail and CPG categories, melding Qloo’s insights and advanced AI to carve out new pathways in personalization, store optimization, and intelligent inventory management. With Seek Enrich, we see the future of retail insights — revolutionizing the way consumers discover and connect with products”
Levi Nitzberg, SVP of Growth, Qloo

“Weather Trends International’s predictive analytics intelligence along with other critical variables built into the new Seek Enrich will eliminate the guesswork for seasonal category planning on what happened, why and what will happen up to a year ahead for every store on Earth.  We are thrilled to partner with the team at Seek on this endeavor to FINALLY make seasonal category planning a whole lot faster, easier, with much more accurate insights” 

– Bill Kirk, CEO and Founder, Weather Trends 360


“Seek Enrich is a perfect example of how tech partners, data providers, and innovators can come together to build a better version of what the industry is accustomed to. At Seek, we are fortunate to have so many partners who believe in what we have built; enabling us to unleash the power of their data to the world, and we are thrilled to launch our new product with them in Vegas. Seek Enrich is truly a “win-win” for both our partners and our customers!” 

– Jonny Kibler, VP of Partnerships, Seek


Featured Launch Partners Include: Snowflake, Qloo, Crisp, Sigma and Weather Trends 360


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Seek is an insights platform that helps organizations discover data at scale through turnkey analytics applications.
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