Seek is not a data provider, but...

With Seek Enrich, we’ve combined your industry’s most robust data sources, creating the first verticalized data foundation built specifically for you.

Seek Enrich lays the groundwork for all your analytics and modeling needs. Automatically embedding industry-relevant data into curated data models to instantly join your data, enriching  your reporting & analytics environment.

Seek Enrich, a member of the Seek Insight Cloud family offers clients access to data that will enrich the insights and opportunities flowing freely from the Seek Insight Cloud.

How does Seek Enrich work?

  1. We leverage our deep insights knowledge to continually identify, evaluate, and collect each industry’s most valuable data sources.
  2. We integrate these industry-leading sources into our Seek Enrich curated data foundations, joining them seamlessly, resulting in a flexible and actionable data powerhouse.
  3. We identify your business’ most valuable metrics and attributes while eliminating irrelevant data to reduce cost and noise.
  4. The resulting Seek Enrich sets are coupled to your data to become the foundation of your Seek Insight Cloud application. Seek Enrich empowers you to leverage the best data assets in the market without worrying about buying, ingesting, merging, and modeling them on your own.

The Seek team put in a ton of hard work that went into getting our Insights product live. The end result is absolutely incredible, and we’re getting great reviews from our internal team members and clients. It has truly made our data accessible to our sales, support, and ops teams and fundamentally changed the go-to-market at our organization”
Chief Product Officer, Strategic CPG Data Provider

I noticed Seek 's LinkedIn post that mentions analysts spend 90% of their time making data useful, and we signed up because that is exactly CRU's problem that Seek solves for us.”
Will Blake
Chief Technology Officer, CRU

As we continue to expand the syndicated and proprietary sources we offer to our academic and commercial clients, and we chose Seek’s Data Hub to help us deliver an integrated experience for clients. With Seek, we can capture, organize, analyze, and finally visualize our proprietary sports fan data in one easy-to-use, uncomplicated process.”
President & Chief Data Officer, Sports Media Firm