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Weather Data

  • Predict fluctuations in demand based on weather conditions, allowing for improved inventory planning.


  • Adjust marketing and promotional strategies according to weather changes (e.g., higher sales of certain products in certain weather conditions).


  • Plan logistics and transportation strategies effectively to mitigate
    weather-related disruptions.

Physical Location traffic

  • Pinpoint specific venues and areas where customers gather frequently, enabling tailoring
    of marketing and advertising campaigns for engaging potential customers.
  • Correlate events with sales data, strategically planning inventory levels for similar events in
    the future.
  • Identify events with significant attendance rates and a compatible target audience, minimizing risks linked to entering new markets .

Shopper Buying Behavior

  • Develop targeted promotions, feature allocation, and pricing based on buying patterns to boost sales.
  • Personalize in-store merchandising and marketing efforts based on customer buying trends at store level to enhance customer loyalty and repeat purchases. 

Customer Demographics

  • Understand target markets better and customize product mix, item innovation or marketing efforts accordingly. 

  • Be more granular in identifying  new potential markets based on demographic cohorts and trends.
  • Tailor pricing strategies based on demographic purchasing power. 

Customer Affinity

  • Tailor item mix, pricing strategies, in-store merchandising efforts and marketing tactics based on customer preferences to ensure the right product is in the right store, in the right place, and at the right quantities to meet demand at a
    shopper-level by location.

  • Identify opportunities for co-promotions, new product development or brand extensions based on shared customer interests.
  • Predict future sales trends and manage inventory accordingly by understanding what customers are likely to prefer. 

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