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Introducing “The Insights Factory,” the podcast that explores the transformative power of insights over raw data. We dig into the hard work of evidence-based leadership, revealing how insights act as a compass, guiding decisions and providing a competitive edge. Move beyond the simple mass accumulation of data, hear from seasoned industry experts, and build knowledge on hitting goals faster, with less munging and more turn-key solutions. This journey is proudly presented by Seek, the pioneers in cloud-based insight creation and delivery.

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List of latest episodes

Insights and the Last Mile of Analytics

In this inaugural episode of The Insights Factory, Host Ian Cook sits down with his fellow leaders at Seek, Founder and CEO Erik Mitchell, and Industry Principal for Retail and CPG, Sean Cline. They discuss the importance of insights, what they are and how they drive businesses forward. They share case studies across retail verticals to demonstrate, not only what differentiates an insight from mere data, but also the tangible ways retail leaders can use insights to impact the bottom line.

The Technicalities of Finding and Scaling Insights

In this episode of The Insights Factory, Host Ian Cook, CTO of Seek, sits down to discuss this with two Seek teammates: Jordan Kassof, Director of Engineering, and Andrew Breton, VP of Data. They dive into the modern data stack and the resulting evolution of roles in the industry, presenting and scaling insights, and more.

Who Uses Insights, Anyway?

In this episode, Host Ian Cook, CTO of Seek, discusses this in-depth with his Seek colleagues, Andrew Kim, JP Gressman, and Sean Cline. They dive into the different people who use insights and how best to share those insights with them, providing examples from the CPG space.

Data Insights Delivered with Mo Villagran, Business Analytics Expert and Author

Mo Villagran is a seasoned business analytics expert and the author of Data Insights Delivered: 7 Proven Steps to Understand Stakeholders, Manage Expectations, and Deliver Actual Value. In this episode, she joins host Ian Cook to discuss the role of the data concierge and the issues she sees in communications between business and technical stakeholders. They discuss how to achieve equal ownership among stakeholders, how to know you are providing value and moving your mindset away from that of an “order-taker”.


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